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General Information about Sofia

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Cathédrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevski, Sofia
Cathédrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevski, Sofia

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is situated in the western parts of the country at the foot of Vitosha Mountain (150 km from Plovdiv, 445 km from Varna and 390 km from Burgas by rent a car). The city is the major one and represents a symbol of the economical growth, the deep in time history and the cultural remnants of different ages.

All over the city there are buildings from variant epochs – from old houses from the Ottoman Empire to brand new business buildings, from large luxurious malls to the small markets in the neighborhoods. Sofia can be perceived as a puzzle of modern and antic concepts in its architectural structure.


The city can be enjoyed in many ways and can satisfy the needs of a travelling businessman and of visitors without any problems. For the gourmets there are plenty of restaurants and their menu offers several types of foreign cuisine. The Italian and Chinese cuisines are easy to find all over the city, meanwhile the Turkish, Indian and Serbian cuisines are not so popular, but yet there are several restaurants with rich menus and skilled chiefs. Of course, the Bulgarian cuisine is not to be forgotten, and it’s not only about the food, there are few drinks too that are typical for this nation – “rakia” and “boza”.

Sofia is a city that combines the architectural sites and unique historic, beautiful scenery with all the urban amenities – hotels, restaurants, shops, movie studios, and beauty to make your stay unforgettable.


Royal Palace Sofia
Royal Palace Sofia

For the people who aren’t so much into the nightlife and who prefer a calm stay in Sofia, there are plenty of museums like the National Historical Museum, the Bulgarian Natural History Museum, the Museum of Earth and Men, the Ethnographic Museum, the National Museum of Military History, the National Archaeological Museum; and then some galleries: Sofia City Art Gallery, the Bulgarian National Gallery of Arts, the Bulgarian National Gallery for Foreign Art.

For the antic taste of streets of Sofia help many old churches – St. Nedelya Church, a Russian Church, Hagia Sophia Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, there’s a public bath, and remnants from the Romanian Empire.

Festivals à Sofia

Assemblée nationale
Assemblée nationale

In the past few years the Bulgarian capital hosted various festivals like Earth Sky Veggie Pie, Vola Open Air Sofia Film Fest, Mellow Music Festival, Nothing like before Fest (which started this year), Sofia Dance Week, Sonisphere Festival etc. The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Sofia every year take out their Chariot of light and make a trip across the pedestrian streets, surrounded by flowers, “music of the soul” and admirers of that
philosophy course. No matter the cause and time of visit, preparations should be made and the most important of them is checking the cultural events during the planned stay in Sofia.

Car rental in Sofia

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Location de voiture à l'aéroport de Sofia


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